Domestic manufacture of agricultural machinery and spare parts
We work in Belarus, Russia and others countries

pr.Frunze, 81 block 3
Vitebsk, Belarus, 210101

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After-sales service

  Service department

Call our service department and get a competent help, full information about technics` selection and operation, spare parts for agricultural machines and engines.

Our task is to organize maximal effective cooperation with our consumers.

Call us:   (8-10- 375-212) 55-04-76.


Our service is

  highly skilled technical specialists: engineers, masters, specialists, who are always well informed about structural changes and operating rules and variable repairs` technology;

  competent and efficient help in diagnostics, maintenance and repair that provide uninterrupted machinery operation;

  short terms of restoration of agricultural machinery and spare parts delivery;

  aiding in technics` going into operation and during operating period;

  customers` informing and consulting about machinery operation, diagnostics, fault clearance, remastering and additional equipment mounting.


  Customers` interaction

Qualitative guarantee and post-warranty service are the main aims of our service department. We are constantly improving our service so that out machines operate safely.

We propose to our customers:Free commissioning

  spare and component parts and consumables delivery;

  free commissioning;

  оmachine operator`s training;

  guarantee and post-warranty service.


  Warranty package:

One of the main goals of the enterprise is to provide our customers with safe agricultural machines, spare parts and equipment.

Production quality control is carried out at all stages of plant process – from the receiving inspection to finished good inspection.

When you buy our machines and equipment you can be sure that we will maintain them in working condition.

We propose:

  farming machines guarantee — 24 months from the commissioning time;

  repair services guarantee — 12 months;

  twenty-four-hour service during sowing and s harvest campaignsе.

We propose long-term guarantee periods as we are sure in high quality and safety of our products and service.