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international agricultural exhibition “BELAGRO-2016”

12 Jun 2016

From 7th to 11th July 2016 in Minsk the 26th  international agricultural exhibition “BELAGRO-2016” took place. Our enterprise participated in it. The exhibition  provoked great interest, as it  took place simultaneously with the Third forum of regions of Russia and Belarus.  Presidents of Russia and Belarus, members of both governments and regions visited “Belagro-2016”.

This exhibition afforded a good opportunity to present our new product – coupling CC-12 which serves for making up a  wide-cut aggregation.

Last year at “Belagro-2015” we presented a Seed-fertilizer seeder “SZTM-4N” that serves for direct drilling of grain and leguminous crops, rape  and grass with simultaneous application of  initial doses of granular mineral fertilizers. Present conditions of farming and economic factors demand the employment of wide-cut machines, that`s why we produced coupling CC-12, that allows to put three seeders together and  use it as an 12 -metre-wide aggregation.

  Each independent seeder is equipped with it`s own running gear and can copy even very complicated soil  relief.  Coupling CC-12  needs a tractor of 355 h.p. output (“Belarus 3522”). For turning at the field edge the seeders come up with help of  hydraulic actuators, and for transferring into transport position the they can be folded on base frame.  

We are thankful to all our guests who visited our exhibition stand at “Belagro-2016” and are waiting for your offers for agricultural machines and spare parts. We ate open for cooperation!