Domestic manufacture of agricultural machinery and spare parts
We work in Belarus, Russia and others countries

pr.Frunze, 81 block 3
Vitebsk, Belarus, 210101

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PC “Vitebsk motoreparing plant” is the Byelorussian producer of agricultural machines – is almost 50 years old. It produces agricultural machines, spare parts (for tillage and sowing machines), carries out a maintenance of diesel engines and agricultural machines and produces metal constructions.

Domestic manufacture

Spare parts for agricultural machinery

PC "Vitebsk motoreparing plant" (VMRZ) is actively developing the production and sale of spare parts for agricultural machinery, disc and sowing units. Here you can buy spare parts for domestic and imported agricultural machinery production PC "Vitebsk motoreparing plant", PC "Lidagroprommash", Lemken.

Nave (assembled) AD6-50.01.000
Tine with bearing 612 8170 / 612 8171
Bearing AD6-40.00.005
Disk stalk AD6-50.00.006 (right); Disk stalk AD6-50.00.006-01 (left);
Frame Rubin bracket.
Bracket bearing AD6-40.02.000

Agricultural machinery

Production and sale of agricultural machines – is the priority activity of the plant. We provide after-sales service and provide spare parts.

Unit for boardless tillage “ABT-4”
Combined tillage-sowing unit«АКPD-6R»
Disk-harrow AD-600 “Rubin”
3 m. wide disk harrow
Seeder with application of mineral fertilizers


international agricultural exhibition “BELAGRO-2016”

From 7th to 11th July 2016 in Minsk the 26th  international agri

12 Jun 2016


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